Friday, January 26, 2007

Symantec awarded prestigious Bloatware Award

Norton Internet Security 2006 = 60% system delay?
Norton 2007 fails retest

I haven't used Norton Anti-Virus since the 2000 version, which came
pre-installed on my 900mhz desktop. I quickly removed it when I
realized how much speed I'd regain. Back then, the uninstall was fairly
painless. But when I tried Norton again in 2004, I found that it wasn't
just cripplingly slow- short of doing a system restore, it was nearly
impossible to remove. Every version that followed was equally bad;
of course, other programs like Norton Ghost were also morbidly
obese. After standard delays, Norton cranked out a de-sodomization
tool for their slopware.

Norton has a ~70% hold on the virus market; i'm hoping for at least
a 5% drop over the next six months. And while we're boycotting AV
companies, let's add McAfee to that list; they're heading in exactly
the same direction.

-Need AV software suggestions? Here are some excellent freeware
anti-virus programs:

Antivir (recommended) -
ClamAV -

-But are these as good as Norton? I know that Antivir is equal to
or better in detection (depending on the test) If you want to see
detection rate comparisons, look here.

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