Monday, January 29, 2007

P2P Bonanza

After trying out countless crap software on several fresh
installs of Windows XP, here are my favorite p2p clients.

I'll omit the obvious examples [namely: azureus, utorrent,
bitcomet, bittornado, etc.] and link to a few excellent, lesser
known clients.

Direct Connect Network:
This network allows you to connect to 'hubs' that cater to
your interests. Many of the quality hubs have requirements
to join, like sharing a certain amount of files. These clients
allow for speed boosts and downloading from multiple sources.
Personally, I prefer Strong DC++ because you can tinker with
its settings to increase download speed.
- Strong DC++

- DC++

eDonkey Network:
Big file selection, and you can reach pretty good speeds on it.
-eMule Plus

Encrypted Friend-to-Friend Network:
It's likely that we'll see many more losses for 'free' file sharing
in the future. I believe that encrypted-transfer, friend-to-friend
(f2f) networks will become more and more common because of
this. See the f2f wikipedia entry for more info.
-WASTE (also allows for encrypted instant messaging)

Fasttrack Network:
If you still use Kazaa, a removal tool exists for it. Replace it with
an adware free version which includes faster download speeds
and lots of handy tools.
-Kazaa Lite Resurrection

Gnutella Network:
I'm not a big fan of the Gnutella network, but if you're still
using Limewire or Bearshare, it's time you learned. Get
yourself some quality, malware free Gnutella clients. Just
make sure to uninstall the old ones and do a malware scan.
- Shareaza
- Phex

SLSK Network:
Soulseek - Ok, it's the only client for this network. But it
has an amazing selection of music (even very obscure artists)
Make sure to get version 156c, not 158.

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