Monday, January 29, 2007

Microunits & Macroresults

For years, I used the Windows Defragementer, thinking that
other defrag software had minimal benefits over it. Upon
using a program called UltimateDefrag, I must say that I was

Here's a brief outline of how it works. If you're still confused,
check out the site, which has an excellent explanation.
You hard disk is basically a circle filled with little clusters that
store data. There is an arm that spins around the disk to retrieve
the data. The data in the outer portion of the disk is retrieved
at a significantly faster speed than data on the inner portion.
This program allows you to specify which programs/files
you'd like to put in that outer portion of your hard drive. This
equals amazing speed increases (you just have to know where
all the files for a particular program are located)

You can download a fully functional 7-day trial if you'd like.
Use the method described: label certain program folders as
important so they will be written to the outer section of the
hard disk.

No more
Firefox startup delays!

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