Sunday, January 28, 2007

The College Life Is The Life For Me

For those at university: a compliment to my previous post.

"Comprehensive statistics on computer break-ins at
do not exist. But in the first six months of this
year alone, there were
at least 29 security failures at
colleges nationwide, jeopardizing the
records of 845,000
people. Both private and public institutions have
been hit."

"Personal information on 800,000 students, alumni
and others is exposed. Attacks lasted a year, the school

[possibly including social security numbers]

I wonder what sort of encryption they had for this
sensitive data. The article provides another example
of a breech, though it was different in cause.

"...a hacker atSan Diego State used an outdated computer
network in the
drama department to find a way into the
financial aid system.
The Social Security numbers of more
than 200,000 people
were exposed."

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