Saturday, January 27, 2007

Efficient German Sex

While writing my post about Symantec, I thought of a few other
bloated programs that many people still use. In fact, many do
not realize that excellent alternatives exist. A few examples:

1. itunes - Most people use this for their ipods. Apple Quicktime
is needed for itunes to work, and it is painfully slow. Imagine a
brand new 2.3ghz desktop lagging constantly - i'd be pist. Not
only is there an alternative to Quicktime, but several very
efficient ipod alternatives. [I don't believe you need Quicktime
for the following programs, and you need the official Quicktime
software for itunes to work]

Anapod & Yamipod

2. Nero - One of the best programs for burning has been getting
quite chubby. Version 6 was tolerable, but 7 has been pretty slow.
You can either download an older version from the above link, or
choose an alternative. If you want all the features without the bloat,
get Alcohol 120% (shareware). If you want a free alternative,
download DeepBurner.

3. Adobe Acrobat - Another program that gets more bloat with
each release
. To be sure, a speedup application exists. However,
why even use it when you can get all the features in a 1.6mb Foxit file?
If you want a standalone application, Coolpdfreader works.

4. Windows Media Player - The newer version of this program can
be slow, especially on older systems. An excellent alternative is
VLC player. No codecs needed, as it supports most formats.
Alternately, you can use the modified version of Windows Media
Player Classic which is included in this wonderful codec pack.

If you want more quality freeware alternatives to commonly
used programs, check out this site.

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