Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Caffeine Collection

Caffeine is showing up in many unlikely products lately.
Let's take a look at just a handful of examples:

-Water Joe - Caffeinated water. This has been around for
a long time. Even before the energy drink craze kicked in.

-Octane Energy Gel - Morning showers can be very refreshing-
especially if you absorb a megadose of caffeine through your

-Spazzstick - An Alaskan police officer wanted unchapped lips
and an easy buzz.

-Buzz Donuts - A scientist develops a way to add caffeine to
baked goods without the bitter taste.

Still not buzzed? Check out these great collections of caffeinated
& energy drink reviews.

*For the caffeine sensitive: I recommend a Guarana only
beverage/candy. Guarana is an Amazonian berry with a
natural caffeine content. It gives you a less jittery buzz
and seems to have health benefits (particularly for the liver).
Check out this study!
"The findings suggest that the effects cannot be attributed
to caffeine alone." [referring to the cognitive improvements
of guarana ingestion]

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