Saturday, March 3, 2007

Malware Cleaning Disc rev. 8 released!

Newest version was released on March 03, 2007.

The malware expert's toolbox keeps getting better.
Other than updated files, the kit has undergone some
expansion. This version packs 171 tools into a 170mb
download. Here's a section outline for the kit:
I.    File Analysis 
II. Anti Virus
III. Encryption
IV. Firefox
V. Firewalls
VI. General Cleaning Tools
VII. tools
VIII. Guides
IX. Hardware Tools
X. Internet Tools
XI. [anti]Malware Programs/Tools
XII. Rootkit Detection
XIII. Sysinternals
XIV. System Tools
XV. Trojan Removers

Specifically, many great file analysis and hardware tools
have been added. Check out this download on most any
torrent site. [ via Piratebay, Demonoid]

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